I grew up in a loving home with two parents whose sole purpose in life was to make my sibling’s and my life better.  As a child I watched my parents struggle with the language barrier and always admired their desire to succeed no matter how difficult things got.  From the age of 11, I was involved in all the decision making regarding financial matters because I was their official translator. After years of sacrifice and working long hours they were able to purchase their first home.  I still remember it like it was yesterday, the moment when they got their keys….I was so proud of them. I knew then that if two people who didn’t speak the language could make their dreams come true in a foreign country, through hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.  The pride I saw in their eyes that night will be forever embedded in my memory.  

As I matured, my professional ambitions led me to the finance and client service industry.  After 12 years, I found myself feeling there was something missing from my life.  I was sacrificing time with my family in exchange for money but I was not feeling fulfilled.  Around that same time my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  My entire world was turned upside down, I was helpless, and all I could do was watch this horrible disease deteriorate him. One night he looked at me, eyes filled with tears and said “All I want, is to live to see my grandchildren grow up, finish school and get married.”  He wanted to live, not to fulfill any material desire but he wanted to live to love and be happy.  I realized that life can change in the blink of an eye and living an unfulfilled life was no way to live.  It is then that I decided that helping people open the door to their dreams would be my mission. I was going to dedicate my life to doing something I loved, with the same passion and dedication that I saw in my parents as they worked to achieve their dreams I was going to help people purchase their biggest investment in life, their home.

It is this passion I bring to my business.  Providing exceptional customer service is my goal because I am committed to building long term relationships with you, my clients.  With this in mind, I treat every transaction like it’s my own.  I am always researching and upgrading my skills and marketing plan to serve you in the best way possible in this ever changing world of real estate.   So if you’re dreaming about becoming a homeowner or are dreaming of upgrading to another home, let me help you open the door to your dreams.  Commitment and passion is my promise to you.